Dont Judge

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Unless Your Name is Judy Don’t Judge
What does your appearance say about you? Is your look, swag, or gear telling others what you want them to know? In this the 21st century are we judging books (people) by their cover? Before you answer any of these questions I will attempt to convince you that we as a society do in fact pre judge people before they’ve even spoke. I’ve heard it said “If you knew better, you’d do better”.

For the first example of how we all judge people before we know them, I ask you to imagine with me. Picture yourself really hungry and own your way to your favorite fast food spot. Just for reference we’ll say you’re headed to McDonalds for a Big Mac meal. You pull into the parking lot and smell that fresh golden fry goodness. Your mouth starts to water and you can darn near already taste that burger and fry. You walk through the front door and up to the counter to place your order. Out of the back comes a young lady to take your order. As she walks towards the counter you’re checking out her appearance, and you notice that her uniform is completely stained from what looks to be food related spills. However, none of these stains look as if they happened today, this week, nor this year. As she draws nearer to the cash register you get a whiff of a pungent body odor that puts you in the mind of underarms and lucky gym socks. She completes her journey to the counter and asks that age old question “How can I help you”. You notice that she has what at some point in the past had to have been teeth, but is now jagged pieces of tooth remnants that are covered with plaque and decay. You also notice the worst possible smell on earth coming from her mouth. It has the odor of a fart puking on the interior of a colostomy bag. Do you feel the expression on your face right now? Are you still going to eat there? Do you see how you just judged this fictitious young lady by her appearance?

I can guess that some of the readers of this paper would say “that’s different she’s handling my food, she should be held to a certain standard in that line of work”. Though I completely agree with that sentiment the facts are the facts, you judged this person before you knew them. Just for the sake of argument and the fact that I need more words to make this paper meet the requirements I’ll give you another example.

For the next example I present to you a true story, story. However, because this story is true I can’t give you real names. In order to protect the innocent and the guilty I must instead give you a story based on a true story. This story takes place in a local downtown hospital told to me by a few of the people who were there to see and live it.

Once upon a time in Screwish Hospital on the “well to do” or “high roller” floor in the rehab wing there were two elderly gentlemen working on their physical rehabilitation. The first man (we will call him Mr. Edward Stevenson) had recently had a light stroke and was just transferred to the floor after being stabilized in the E.R. The second man (let us refer to him as Mr. Russell Jackson) had already been on the floor for a few weeks in hopes that he could get out of his recently awarded wheel chair and back on his feet.

Mr. Jackson was the type of man who didn’t except help well and cursed like an angry drunken sailor. He also wasn’t the best-spoken man in the world. In fact what he spoke could barely pass for what we mid-western Americans consider being English. It was more of a combination of broken English mixed with Ebonics and heavy southern accent. To give you a better understanding think of the King of the Hill’s Boomhower jumbled together with a Louisiana swamp dwelling, runaway slave jaw. Mr. Jackson (and you better refer to him as Mr. Jackson or face his wrath) had a few missing teeth in the front and on the sides, a terribly healed wound on the side of his face along his jaw line. He also had some extreme male pattern baldness and couple of crude tattoos on...
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