Domestic violence

Topics: Violence, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: September 26, 2013

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June 19, 2013

Thompson, H. E., (2011). The evolution of children’s domestic violence counseling group stages and processes. The Journal for Specialist in Group Work, 36 (3). 178–201. DOI: 10.1080/01933922.2011.578118. Informative Annotation

When child witness their mothers being beaten by their father, is very traumatizing. Sometimes a child may block out the memories, and they may not resurface until they are adults. A child may even act out what they have witness in their homes. In either case domestic violence can scar a child for life, and this is why therapy would be an option. This article focuses on an eighteen week qualitative case study in a group setting of four young children between the ages of six and seven. “Three of the children are African American and one Latino”, (Thompson, 2011). The purpose of the study is to study the impact of domestic violence on children. Exercises or activities conducted during the study included: conflict resolution and problem solving also expression of feelings. Safety planning that taught the children protective coping strategies to best function in a home where violence occurs also how to utilize supportive adults. The group process taught the children that they are not the blame for the violence. Also aided in attitude changes about the use of violence. Structured interventions such as role-plays, relaxation activities, games and stories, and art projects, (2011). According to this article domestic violence can have a negative impact on any child that has to live in such an environment. It is believed that a child that witness violence may believe that violence is acceptable way of behavior. Thompson, H. E wrote, “Children who are exposed to domestic violence also believe that violence is a justifiable way to handle anger and stress, because violence is a learned behavior, (Thompson, 2011). Exposure to domestic violence can also cause “emotional adjustment, externalizing behaviors,” (Thompson,...
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