Doing My Part

Topics: Recycling, Plastic shopping bag, Plastic Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: June 22, 2013
“Cutting waste, be it in government, in business or in the home, always makes sense –economically, environmentally and morally. It is a strategy that always has benefits. Waste is tied to all the big problems of the day, from climate change to peak oil to high energy costs and rising prices of the raw materials our industries and infrastructure require. Waste –cutting is the secret to sustainability security and prosperity. That 102-ton legacy doesn’t have to be the end of the story. It’s in everyone’s power to make it the starting point instead” (Humes 261-2) Humes is right, it is in our power to make a starting point, we don’t have to take big steps but we need to take the first step to do our part in saving the environment and everything that goes along with it. Recently I went through my trash and my house to an see just what I was throwing to waste here’s what I found In my trash:

1.Styrofoam plates
2.Carl’s Jr. Bags
3.Cereal boxes
4.Season salt containers
5.Dr. Pepper and Pepsi cans
6.Toilet tissue
7.Toilet tissue tubes
9.Lunch meat containers
10.Old book covers
11.Coffee grounds
12.Junk mail
The next trash container was the recycle bin:
1.12 pack soda boxes
2.egg cartons
5.Empty cleaning supply bottles
6.Lots of paper
7.30 pack box
8.A cake container (what a cake comes home in from the store; plastic and cardboard) 9.Old underwear
11.Paper towel tubes
12.An abundance of plastic grocery bag
and the recycle trash container did have soda cans but so did our main trash container; when in reality the cans should be our personal recycle so we can cash them in. There was more but I just had to stop. I kept finding more and more trash that was not in its right place. I know there is so much my family and I could change to be orderly in the discard of our trash. Right now we are being very destructive in the environment and our pocketbook. In my house the general picture...
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