Topics: World War II, Privatization, Nuclear weapon Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Study Questions for Sandford Borins’ “World War II Crown Corporations: Their Wartime Role and Peacetime Privatization”

1)What was the major function of the Department of Munitions and Supply? Department of Munitions and Supply was used by federal government for the planned economy during the Ward War Two. It gave the minister wide power to compel manufacturers to undertake wartime production. However, the price of products and terms of production were decided by minister. Basically, it was composed of three parts, which were production branches, controllers and crown corporations. C.D. Howe was the minister of Munitions and Supply.

Production branches: was in charge of contracting for and overseeing the production of war materials. Controllers: were responsible for rationing , allocating, and setting prices for key materials, such as chemical, steel, or oil.

2) What were some of the crown corporations formed during the war and what were their areas of specialty? ➢ The Polymer Corporation: was established to coordinate a large number of private firms to produce synthetic rubber. ➢ Machinery Service Limited: operated a plant in montreal which serviced machinery used by government contractors. They employed a lot of German prisoners . ➢ And there are three cases, crown corporations were established to work on secret project: Research Enterprises was established to do research on manufacture radar. Turbo Research was formed to do research on jet propulsion engines. Eldorado Mining and Refining was focused on the uranium for the top secret atomic bomb. ➢ Some corporations worked closely with their respective industries thus provide centralized purchasing services when supply was difficult. For example, The Fairmont Company, Melbourne, Plateau and Citadel.

3) What were administrative crown corporations?
Administrative crown corporations were those crown corporations that employed employees of private sector firms to serve as director. The director...
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