Does social isolation adversely affect health

Topics: Medicine, Sociology, Psychology Pages: 4 (1122 words) Published: November 8, 2013
Does Social Isolation Adversely Affect Health? Do you agree or disagree?

Society is the connection between people live together in communicates for love, friend and support. Many different relationships are part of social interaction such as family, neighbor, friends and work colleagues. However, some people lack of participation, activity and communication. That is a result of social isolation. The health problems of an elderly, adult and children who are socially isolated are increasing. Therefore, this essay will argue that socially isolated people will seriously suffer not only effect on physical, psychological but also behavioral health.

One of negative effects of social isolation on human being is a large number of diseases which are consequence of physical health problems. First of all, there is strong relationship between social isolation and cardiovascular problems. Many studies (cited in Yang et al. 2013) suggest that the huge number of people who lack of social support are increasing and can lead to the cause of coronary heart disease (CHD) and mortality from heart disease. Eaton et al. and Eng et al. (cited in Elder & Retrum, 2012) also found the lack of social interaction could lead to coronary disease. Furthermore, immune and cardiovascular systems (CVD) may be affected by chronic loneliness (Dawkes & Simpkin 2013). This means heart disease is one of consequence of social isolation. Secondly, social isolation is connection with risk of other diseases. According to House et al. (cited in Cacioppo & Louise, 2003), the seriously suffer from socially isolated people are increasing very fast of the population, especially older people, poor people and minorities such as African Americans. Cacioppo and Hawkley (2003) explain the relationship between social isolation and diseases. Elder and Retrum (2012) state that blood pressure was found to increase in people who socially isolated in study of Africa American and white older Americans. In addition,...

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