Does Globalization Help Countries

Topics: Economics, Globalization, Economic development Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Does globalization help countries?
With a long history, globalization has affected human beings deeply. No one knows clearly about when globalization took place. Nowadays, globalization is a tending in modern society; human being can not ignore the phenomena. It can be believed that advanced transportation is the direct cause of globalization. globalization is not only a narrow meaning of economy or transportation. What is more, it means much more changes and options in international society. As time goes by, people start to consider about does globalization help countries? The answer is yes. We cannot ignore the fact that globalization brings us better living standard and varieties of choices on many aspects. There are three main affects how globalization correctly influence countries main trough economic, comunication, culture. The first thing is that the economics of globalization supply the development countries broader economic space; they can use their own advantages and economic strength to make a bigger market for them. For example, the importance of international flows of trade, investment, and technology to the US economy has dramatically increased during the past two decade from relatively low levels. In the article “The effect of economic globalization to the economy of development countries”, Wang (2009) writes, ”globalization accelerates the development countries make their industry upgrade from economic to technology and science. Also the continuous innovate in high technology.” Currently, one trillion US dollars are flowing around the world every day. The globalization brings a huge number of competitions in the world. The second thing is that Globalization makes the world like a village. In other words, worldwide communication and transportation make people closer than before. Someone may claim that the developing countries cannot confront the development countries by their weak power. In fact, developing countries will find an effective way to...

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