Does Failure Inspire Sucess

Topics: Great Expectations, Love, Charles Dickens Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Kristian Brown 8a

“Biddy” said I, after binder her to secrecy, “I want to be a gentleman.” (127). In Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, an aspiring gentleman, Pip, encounters several pitfalls. Although Pip does become somewhat of a gentleman, he does not reach his true goals. Pip fails in three particular aspirations, love, self- confidence/respect, and popularity among his peers. To conclude Pip fails in his true of becoming a gentleman.

Love, as one of Pip’s, great expectations, has several pitfalls for Pip throughout the book. Estella, the person that Pip is deeply in love with, turns him down and torments him throughout the book. From the first time he saw Estella, she treated him crudely. He decided to try to become a gentleman, to persuade Estella to like him. As pip continues to love Estella, he hears a rumor that Estella is being courted by a man named Drumle. When Pip and Estella later meet to discuss the matter, they have a very important conversation that sparks several questions in the book. “Estella, said I, turning to her now, and trying to command my trembling voice, you know I love you. You know that I have loved you long and deeply.” “I am going; she said again, a gentler voice, to be married to him. The preparation for the marriage is being made and I shall be married soon.” (363).With this fact now being known, it truly exemplifies Pip’s failure to court Estella throughout the book. In the end Pip fails in getting Estella even though he became a gentleman.

Pips previous life gets diminished as he becomes a gentleman and leaves home. When he leaves home and then comes home a new man, he loses his relationship with some of his old friends due to his now found ignorance. “As I had grown accustomed to my expectations, I had insensibly begun to notice their effect upon myself and those around me. Their influence on my own character, I disguised from my recognition as much as possible, but I knew very well that it was not all good.”...
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