Does Coffee Contain Drugs? Persuasive Essay

Topics: Caffeine, Coffee, Urinary tract infection Pages: 6 (1958 words) Published: December 20, 2010
It is pretty obvious these days that most people are addicted to cell phones. To get people more addicted companies try to put new things on cell phones that you could already do with some other device. Cell phones are able to use internet now, just like computers. People act like they cannot survive without a cell phone, if there was a quiz asking people what they would need to survive on an uninhabited island if they could only have a few resources I bet a cell phone would be number one on that list for most people. I also bet that coffee, chocolate or pop or maybe a combination of all three would be their number two desire. Because you see, coffee, chocolate and pop all contain the highly addictive stimulate named caffeine. My research and personal experiences have shown that addiction to caffeine is more dangerous than an addiction to one’s cell phone because caffeine can have an awful direct impact on your mind and body.

Everything manmade these days has ways to get people addicted to it! Food and drink addiction is big in America, a big part of that is what companies do to make people addicted to their food. We know commercials make people want to impulse buy, but there are things in many foods that could make people addicted to it like drugs! Chocolate was a luxury in Europe doing the Middle Ages, but now 2 ounces can be obtained from a vending machine for less than a dollar. Coffee started its upward trend in popularity after the Boston Tea Party in America and Coca Cola and Root Beer has been easily accessible for over a hundred years from convenience stores. The surge in popularity of these three items is no accident; it is all due to the clever lure of marketing and the addictive nature of caffeine found it these items.

Artificially flavored foods dull your taste buds to the point that healthy foods taste bland. It’s like nacho flavored chips aren’t enough, now it’s fire flavored chips and extra fiery flavored chips! It’s like we will eventually have big calluses on our tongues from being bombed with all this flavor. Foods or drinks with caffeine in them do more than just make you addicted to the flavor, they have been consciously designed to make you addicted to consuming them frequently.

Both coffee and chocolate are known for their overpowering taste. It is customary that these two items are reserved toward the end of meals, so that the unique flavors from meat, vegetables and fruits won’t get lost or ignored because of the powerful taste and aroma from coffee and chocolate. There are too many flavors of pop to name. It is said that variety is the spice of life. Caffeine is the stimulate that makes us order pop each time we dine in or out and crave more and more options.

Coffee companies keep people buying their products by getting people addicted to their products, just like cigarette companies. Coffee is like liquid cigarettes, it is addictive, makes people have bad breath with a very distinct smell. Coffee is way worse than those artificial chips I was telling you about! Coffee has many different artificial flavors now to cover up how horrible it tastes alone without the flavors, and also the flavors added to the coffee is another thing that gets people addicted to it!

Have you ever read the back of a food container and all there is a bunch of stuff normal people don’t understand on it like triethanolamine, tetrasodium, hydrogenated monoglycerides, and stuff like that? Well all of those weird words listed on the back of food containers are artificial ingredients and there is no telling which ones may be chemicals designed to get us addicted to it! Caffeine is definitely an addictive chemical that is easy to get.

Have you noticed it seems like coffee drinkers can’t go a day without drinking coffee. To drink coffee has become a habit in the life of many people. This is because coffee contains an addictive drug. Yep, it contains caffeine. Caffeine is an addictive...
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