documantary analysis

Topics: Psychology, Reincarnation, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Documentary Analysis

“The Boy Who Lived Before”
The whole documentary focused on a young boy who believes that he was reincarnated- that he was a Barra boy. Cameron is a five year old who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, who claims to have lived before his current life ever since he started talking. He talked about things such as living in a huge white house near the beach where he could see airplanes landing at sea, living with his 7 siblings, mom, and dad whose name was Shane Robertson. Cameron also talks about owning black and white Border collie. His mother, Norma, has been anxious and concerned about her son’s memories and becomes curious and questions why he had such memories. She was not convinced that Cameron was influenced by television shows of by what he hears from other people and claims that her son was never exposed to television shows about Barra and they have never been there. Her son would continually say particulars about his life back then and Norma soon decides to investigate her son’s situation and find a rational explanation to her son’s memories by consulting a child psychologist. The family travelled to Barra, and soon most details begin to fit such as airplanes landing at sea and a family called Stevenson owned the house. It was a struggle for the family to find the house near the beach, but somehow they managed to locate the house Cameron has spoken off. However, instead of questions being answered, more and more questions begin to form. Norma then finds a relative of the Stevenson family who lived in the house and confirmed that there was an actual black and white dog however the name and death of the father did not match. It was interesting to watch this video about reincarnation because honestly I haven’t watched videos about it and somehow, at one point while watching the video I almost believed that such thing might possibly exist. It caught my interest and attention which is why I think it’s a nice documentary but as I examined...
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