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Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble

By QuinceZoela Sep 04, 2013 659 Words
Nowadays, haze is getting worst from day to day, because of Malaysia more attributed to a mismatch between focus of higher quality of life and the need of industry. As we can see, haze gives impact to our daily life and at the same time it will influence our life. The effects of haze that cause this problem in our daily life are health, environment and social sector.

Firstly, the worst effect that we can see nowadays is health. Haze is giving lot of disease to people either children or adult. This because of the unhealthy range of air quality has caused increasing number of people infected with upper respiratory infection. (Impact of Haze, 2010). As example, eyes irritation are one of the infection that always happen. Normal people will think that sneezing and coughing are normal infection to them without knowing where the disease come from. Susceptible individuals and those suffering from chronic disease will make their condition may be worst by haze. The possible health effect such as heart attack, upper respiratory tract infection, skin irritation and other infection.

Besides that, other factors may be influence this factor to be worst. According to Dr. Norleen (2012), duration and intensity of outdoor activities, smoking habit and health status of individuals. Almost all workplace are shut that leads to falling of stock market rise drastically.

Next, the other effect of haze the human life are in environment. It is important for us to keep our environment in good condition cause if not it will harm to our life. The haze usually connected to air pollution. As a result, it happen when haze polluted water bodies such as tank when it rain, this all happen in Iceland and Mexico when volcanic eruption occur. However, not just only us, but other life too such as plant, animal and others. Besides that, plant also is affected by haze pollution. This all happen when the combination of sulphuric acid mist reflect sunlight away from earth causing lack of sunlight this will stunt growth of the plants. Is it haze make country burst??? (n.d.). However its not only affected to plant, it will affect human daily life to, as we need sunlight to hang clothes, sea food that we want preserve food and others. According to Is it haze make the country burst??? (n.d.), Malaysia and Indonesia face haze because of open burning. Because of this, haze that occurs due to open burning in Indonesia cause the diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia became distance. The other point that haze cause environment problems such as water pollution. As the haze contains dust, smoke particles and biological agents and the toxins will harm aquatic organism such as fish. As we can see that haze can caused lot of problem to us including in the health sector and environmental sector, it also created many problem in social sector. Haze will cause health problem to us. Those who suffer chronic disease they were advised to lessen their activities outside the house and if possible they have to wear a mask. Therefore, communications with other are limited. Another points is people who love to travelling will face a problem when stay at the country that faces the problem. Travelling from one place to another place is a problem because the reduced visibility such as driving either a car or a motorcycle. According to Meteorology (n.d.) learning proses will also affected with this all the visibility decreases. The kid health cause the schools to close and it will open back after the highest Air Pollutant Index (API) show the normal calculation. As conclusion, we should take several precaution steps to protect ourselves during haze period such as least the outdoor activities and wear a mask if you are going outside. Besides that, closed all windows because it will enter haze to come in. For people who suffer with chronic disease, remember to take medication regular.

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