Do Clothes Make the Man?

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Do clothes make the man?

We have always been told that its what`s inside that counts, and "the clothes don’t make the man ", I totally agree with this statement. In today`s world media influence people a lot about their body image, men constantly feel to have a muscular body, and wear new brand clothes. Moreover they encounter muscular and well dressed and modish men as example of their ideal body image. Even women see skinny models with fashionable clothes, makeup, jeweler on, and then try to copy them. People think by doing all this they will be more successful and accepted by society, but they forget that all this artificial stuff could never make a real man with feeling and emotion inside him. Most of the time people get so much distracted by all this artificial stuff that they lose themselves.

Most among may say that clothes are the real essence of the style quotient a person carries and I will not deny it either but there’s much more to it, you need to know. Men who are conscious of the way they look and the impression they carry about themselves must know that wearing good and expensive clothes does not automatically make you an epitome of style. Being stylish in real sense means knowing oneself from the inside and then reflecting it in a genuine manner. I have often seen men trying to show their nature once they don their branded clothes or sit in an expensive car, and they learn all this from media, magazine. But people forget that clothes look good on you only if they suit your personality, your body shape and circumstances of the occasion. But this again is not all. Your manner of walking, talking and expressions play a crucial role in determining what your true style as a person is. For example, you must ensure that you are attentive and polite or off-color or bold when necessary .The idea is to try and be yourself with a constant pulse on the situation in your head People and particularly

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