Do Animals Deserve A Bill Of Rights?

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The Bill of Rights consists of the 10 amendments in the United States Constitution. These amendments gave people rights and freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. If the Bill of Rights were made for animals, they would receive the rights and freedom that they deserve. Animals deserve a Bill of Rights to a certain extent because they share common emotions and experiences, they would have a better lifestyle, and however, these animals are necessary for medical research. With the Bill of Rights, these animals would be able to live in better condition and have a better lifestyle. It would not be fair to them since humanity invaded their land when they were there to begin with. There are killer whales …show more content…
People would think differently because they look and act nothing like us, however, these are in fact almost the same. According to Rifkin, researchers are discovering that “many of our fellow creatures are more like us than we had ever imagined. They feel pain, suffer and experience stress, affection, excitement and even love” (Rifkin 2). The quote means that because animals have feelings and emotions, they should be respected. The feelings and emotions they have justifies the belief that they are just like us. This is significant because in the past, many people believed animals relied solely on instinct and how animal experts have proof that humans and animals share common qualities. Others may argue that animals are not smart like humans or feel any kind of emotion, but they actually do. In the article “A Change of Heart about Animals” by Jeremy Rifkin, who is an activist and author of Biotech Century, claims that “the European Union has taken such studies to heart and outlawed the use of isolating pig stalls by 2012” (Rifkin 5). The quote explains how other countries have started to take action. They are trying to provide these farm animals a better lifestyle. The author uses pathos to convey that they pigs do get lonely and sad from being isolated and away from their family or human contact. They need interaction to feel happy instead of being stuck and secluded in a …show more content…
However, animals are necessary for medical research. If the Bill of Rights meant for it to end all medical research, what would happen? Could this affect us? Could this affect them? In the article “Of Primates and Personhood: Will According Rights ‘Dignity’ to Nonhuman Organisms Halt Research?”, Ed Yong, who is a British science journalist, introduces many different researchers and scientists to discuss the basic rights to the great apes. The article emphasizes that “in the EU, renowned chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall has called for a gradual end to all biomedical animal experimentation” (Yong 9). In this quote, the author describes that a research from the European Union wants to end the use of animals for medical experimentation. This evidence supports the idea of animal testing is wrong. Without them for our medical research, new advancements in the science department could be held back. Other people like animal activists may believe animal testing is morally wrong because we are using them to help us find cures to diseases, but they are very valuable to us. According to Yong, he claims that “other countries including the United Kingdom and New Zealand, have taken steps to protect great apes from experimentation” (Yong 2). The quote means that there are countries believing experiments on apes should come to an end and should be protected from further research. This is

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