Dna Profiling Saves Lives

Topics: DNA, DNA profiling, Convict Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 3, 2013
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How DNA Typing (Profiling) has Freed Innocent People from Lives in Jail

DNA is an all-around subject that has many different aspects. DNA Profiling, however, is one of our greatest discoveries. This discovery led us to know how to analyze, identify, and match DNA according to certain genes on the DNA. This Profiling has freed many convicted felons, because their DNA didn’t match the person who did commit the crime. DNA Profiling is beneficial to everyone (except felons), it has a small area in its process that people can make mistakes, and is used in many different ways. However, freeing the innocent that were convicted is a big area.

DNA Profiling is done in many, many, many steps, but can be simplified down to four steps. The first step is to collect the wanted DNA. It can be swabbed, sucked, or wiped from any surface, and only a hundred micrograms are needed to test. The next step is to amplify the regions of the DNA you want to test. Amplifying the regions is when forensic and/or genetic scientists use a region called, Short Tandem Repeats, STR, to look for a...
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