Dmm Case Study Hart Venture Capital

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Current Situation


This presentation is in the point of view of the manager-owner. In this case, it is in the point of view of Miss Rose Malabanan, the proprietress of ROMA Bakery – a bakeshop that started in 1970 and until now, is still in the business after 38 years of continuous operation. Due to increase in demands, the owner is planning to expand the business by opening another branch.


Does the plan of the owner-manager to open another branch in San Pablo a sound and wise decision at this point of time?


a.Does the business has enough resources and capability to expand given its financial records and its present size and market performance? b.Is the owner-manager assured that she has the managerial capability to open and manage another bakery?


To prepare all factors both internal and external in order to fast track the opening of another branch and minimize any unforeseen impediments relative to this activity.


|STRENGTHS |WEAKNESSESS |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | |Ms. Malabanan, the owner-manager|Despite of being an Accountancy |The change in eating habit and |Rising cost of ingredients used | |is an Accountancy graduate with |graduate, Ms. Malabanan has no |lifestyle of Filipinos is |to manufacture bread especially | |a Cum Laude distinction in one |solid background in business |somehow favorable to the bakery |flour and sugar. | |of the well-known universities |management and product |industry. Many workers are too | | |in the country. |innovations. |busy to prepare a full meal | | | | |specifically breakfast and | | | | |eating a full breakfast meal is | | | | |sometimes considered a luxury. | | |The business has a solid |The business has no clear and |The rising cost of rice forced |Rise in utility expenses | |financial background and a |specific goals and values |average and below average | | |steady growth in terms of the |although it has been in the |Filipino families to look for | | |number of its loyal customers |business for quite sometime. |other alternatives for rice. | | |and bread dealers. | |Pandesal and other bread | | | | |products are popular especially | | | | |among the masses. | | |The number of trusted skilled |The number of workers the |Advantage of large network of |Rising labor cost. Likewise, | |employees likewise increased as |business are having indicates |dealers in the area. |employees tend to look for | |the business grew. |that it is considerably big. | |greener pastures elsewhere given| | |Miss Malabanan did not formally | |the opportunity and thereafter | | |appoint somebody beside herself | |leaving the business. | | |that would manage the business |...
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