Divorce Draft

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Family Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Always cause and effects are existent together. They are like the pair that can’t existent without each other. Why do people get married,? the answer for this question is people love each other. Because of loving each other, people get marriage. However, why do people get divorced,? the answers for this question are variety and different. In general, People have the negative prejudice against the divorce. Before judge divorce as only bad way, we should think about why people get divorced and what factors affected them to get divorced. If we perceive the divorce in positive side, divorce or having separated time will influence positively following by the reasons for the divorce like parental high-conflict marriage will be better to be separated for children. High-conflict influences negative effect to their children so it will be better for them to have separated time for their children. At this point, it is possible to see the positive effect of the divorce especially on their children. As divorce rate is increasing, we have to focus more on what factors cause people to get divorced and how divorce affects to children. Estimating how divorce affect to children is depends on the factors that influenced on divorce. Hence, those factors can be the answer for estimating weather divorce can be the beneficial way for children or harmful way for children. Therefore, people have to get rid of one’s prejudice against the divorce and view divorce in positive way with open minds and open eyes. There are many factors that influence to divorce. The reasons for divorcing are different personalities , marriage at an early age, a short knowledge to each other before marriage, limited economic resources, lived with parents who are divorced and had unhappy marriage, domestic violence and so on. The most effective factor is different personalities between men and women. If people have different personalities, they easily get fighting, and there are gap between each other;...
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