Divorce as a Result of Family Conflict

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Section 1. Family conflict as a subject of psychological research 1.1. Psychological approaches to family studying
1.1.1. A family and marriage, their kinds  
1.1.2. Quality of marriage relations, the reasons of divorces

1.2. Psychological understanding of the conflict
1.2.1. Conflict definition, its kinds and strategy of the solution of conflicts 1.2.2. Specificity of conflicts in family relations
1.2.3. Psychological problems of divorces


The conflict problem always was actual for any society. Life proves that the conflict does not concern to those phenomena which can be operated effectively on the basis of life experience and common sense. The conflict – the sharpest way of elimination of contradictions which arise in the course of interaction which consists of counteraction of subjects of the conflict and are usually accompanied by negative emotions. Almost each person faces up to a problem of preservation and maintaining good mutual relations in a family. Also happens so, that the longer spouses live together, the older become their children, the more disagreements occur in a family, the more emotionally and sharply they react against each other . In many families there are disputes, quarrels, and irrepressible conflicts which comes to a divorce at the end. In our work we want to envisage family conflicts and their influence on family relations. Necessity of the analysis of essence of conflicts for a family is caused by considerable changes which are tested by a modern Ukrainian family under the influence of the social processes occurring in a society. A family is the oldest institute of human interaction, the unique phenomenon. Its uniqueness consists of some persons who very narrowly co-operate throughout long time. In such system of intensive interaction there should be quarrels, conflicts and crises. Any sphere of human life is not free from conflicts. Therefore an exception is not also the family. To settle conflicts means to solve human problems. To settle the conflict means almost for certain to keep mutual relations. If it was not so, people would not try to settle conflicts. Thus, the urgency of our research is connected with the fact that married people face today more problems, than they expected, going to marry. Marriage connects two people with the different predilections, the different family environment, different level of a maturity, different temperaments under one roof. Financial problems can pose as one more problem in the family relations. When we are speaking about the children, conflicts under different educational approaches grow. All these distinctions can bring the big bitterness. If they are not solved, they can easily lead to family disintegration, emotional problems, violence, or sometimes both partners begin to search for more attention out of door.

In the present work we will contemplate a conflict problem as factor of divorce both from the point of view of the general, and from the point of view of family psychology. There is no doubt that conflicts exist almost in all families. А J.Antsupov and A.I.Shipilov, cite the data that in 80-85 % of families there are conflicts. In the remained 15-20 % certain level of intensity is fixed. However it is necessary to pay attention to what value each member of a family give to conflicts. The problem of the conflict within the limits of the general psychology was studied by such outstanding domestic and foreign scientists, as B.Hasan, A.J.Antsupov, M.Dojch, R.Govd. From a position of family psychology the conflict studied J.Gottman, S.Kratohvil, I.Dorno, J. Bowlby.

Subject of the given work is conflict consideration as divorce factor in a family, and object of studying is the conflict.
The purpose of the present work is to study the psychological essence of a phenomenon of the...
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