Diversity Interview

Topics: African American, United States, White American Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Diversity Project Interview
According to the United States Census report in 2010, there were 38.9 million African Americans in the United States. This total makes up 12.6% of the entire population and was a 12% increase from the last ten years. African Americans still lag behind white or Asian Americans in overall educational attainment but with 14% attaining a four-year degree and 5% with advanced degrees they are still higher than most other minorities. More African American women attend and complete college than men ("African Americans," 2013). I selected this group because I am currently teaching in Newport News public schools where the majority of my students are members of this group. In order to become a better educator I wanted to have a better insight into this group. I interviewed a 26-year-old African American female who is a Special Education teacher and is currently obtaining her second masters. According to her, being African American is very important to her and gives her a sense of pride in who she is and who she has become. Receiving an education is extremely important to her as well as being persistent in what she believes in and fights for. She takes great pride in the family members, ancestors and notable African Americans who have “fought a battle to earn a piece of the American Dream”. Her source of pride of being an African American is overcoming obstacles and stereotypes through her actions. She feels that the members of her group who do not value education and freedom are negative dimensions of her group’s culture (Davis, 2013). Throughout life, being an African American female have had positive and negative impacts on her. A lot of people have stereotypical expectations of her such as expecting her to have children and live on welfare. At school she feels that many people expected her to speak uneducated or with incorrect grammar or slang. She grew up in a predominately white neighborhood and was only the second black family to move...
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