Dissoi logoi arument

Topics: Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Logic Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: September 30, 2014
“Dissoi Logoi” Relevance to Rhetoric
Rhetoric is a method of persuasion in which pathos, ethos, and logos are important factors when talking about rhetoric. These appeals are used all throughout the article “Dissoi logoi” mostly used for making the arguments useful. I found that Dissoi Logi is a form of exercise that strengthened Ancient Greek philosophy student’s rhetoric or the art of influencing. The speaker in the text makes numerous amounts of opposing arguments that can relate to the study of Rhetoric.

The Sophist give examples of what good and bad is. Each example involves cases in which specific actions are regarded to both positive and negative only reliant upon the time something occurred and a person’s viewpoint. The speaker is making opposing arguments between his own beliefs in order to imply that there is no certain good or certain bad. The good or bad does not exist. That aside the speaker is starting the argument with very simple topics that could be effortlessly obtained then progressively makes stronger and stronger more advanced arguments that may be harder to understand but is still related to this point that was made at the beginning. Rhetoricians used this method all the time. For instance, when Aristotle attempts to explain the four causes from potential to actuality.

In the section where the speaker introduces their standpoint “on just and unjust”, the argument is mainly focuses on deceit. Like before in the previous section of “Dissoi logoi” the speaker evaluates both sides of the argument. The speakers says that both just and unjust actions are the same. When the speaker makes the opposing arguments about just and unjust it creates a point that no truth actually exist. Also, that almost anything could be taken in as long as there is enough support to back the idea. This is much related to rhetoricians and their method of persuasion. If one appeals to an audiences emotions changing their judgment then the truth no longer matters...
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