Disney Strategy Formulation

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Strategy Formulation

A. Strategic Analysis

As a leading entertainment and media enterprise Walt Disney has an years of creativity and innovation, and for generations, the Disney name has come to represent trust, morality, cheerfulness and superiority.

General Environment Analysis

The general environment is composed of dimensions in the broader society that influence an industry and the firms within in.

The Walt Disney Company differentiates itself by its fundamental knowledge and practice of the synergy throughout its diversification efforts. Disney has portrayed a clear and concise corporate strategy that has contributed to its prolonged success, and ultimately has created value. Embedded in Disney’s corporate culture is the understanding that while Disney has exclusive and “magical” products, the magic isn’t in the products themselves, but instead in the way in which they relate and compliment each other. Disney shows itself to be a corporation deeply attentive of the importance of appropriate diversification and the true nature of synergy. Disney’s creative use of diversification ultimately has the potential of creating vast amount of shareholder value through propating this “magic” throughout society in ways previously unimagined.

Source: Strategy Analysis of the Walt Disney Company

B. Strategic Analysis

1. Position
A. Mission: “ To be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.”

2. Values
* Innovation
- Follow a strong tradition of innovation

- Strive to follow a high standard of excellence
- Maintain high-quality standards across all product categories

- Create positive and inclusive ideas about families
- Provide entertainment experiences for all generations to share

- Every product tells a story
-Timeless and engaging stories delight and inspire.

- At the Walt Disney Company, entertainment is about hope, aspiration and positive resolutions

* Decency
-Honor and respect the trust of people place on them
- Fun is about laughing at experiences and ourselves.

Source: http://corporatedisney.go.com/careers/culture.html

3. Vision
“ to make people happy” - Walt Disney

4. Priorities
* Create quality and innovative content that continues to differentiate Disney as best-in-class

*Deploy cutting edge technologies to showcase their content for early competitive advantage while enhancing the customer experience.

*Expand and adding depth to our global presense, particularly in emerging markets

Source: http://www.disney.in/corporate/strategic_priorities.html

5. Payments

6. Performance

Corporate Governance is a set of mechanisms used to manage the relationship among stakeholders and to determine and control the strategic direction and perfomance of organizations.

The Walt Disney Company is committed to governance policies and practices that assure shareholder interests are represented in a thoughtful and independent manner. The board of directions is to supervise and direct the management of the company to enforce the following duties:

1. Oversee the conduct of the Company’s business to evaluate whether the business is being properly managed;
2. Reviewing and, where appropriate, approving the Company's major financial objectives, plans and actions;

3. Reviewing and, where appropriate, approving major changes in, and determinations of other major issues respecting, the appropriate auditing and accounting principles and practices to be used in the preparation of the Company's financial statements;

4. Assessing major risk...
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