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Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Strategic management Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: October 18, 2012
1) What is the Disney Difference and how will it affect the company’s corporate, competitive and functional strategies? The Disney differences are “high-quality creative content, backed up by a clear strategy for maximizing that content`s value across platforms and markets”. Not only that, it also it is the undisputed long-lasting champion of all vacation destinations in general, and theme parks in particular. That reason is that they do it all right, and no one else comes close. For sure, Disney Difference will affect the company’s corporate, competitive and functional strategies in a positive way. The corporate strategy should include some questions like “would it work?” which means suitability, “can it be made to work?” which is feasibility, or “will they work it?” which means acceptability. Of course, Walt Disney Company has a favorable answer to all these questions. It is noticeable that Disney Difference shows also an advantage that the magic world gained through the years. They manage to sustain their competitive advantage through innovation, high quality of the services and entertainment they offer, through their buyer volume and many other factors. They also have a clear strategy in order to increase the values background. Based on the functional strategy, stays each department which attempts to do its part in meeting overall corporate objectives. Whatever Disney makes or creates for its customers they want to give the most quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. Corporate strategy decisions include mergers and acquisitions, new ventures, allocation of corporate resources .By using the corporate strategy it sets a mission to make the magic happen from books, toys, and games to online media, soundtracks, and DVD’s and making it an real experience. According to aggressive strategy it is complete in its business because Disney provides more than one product to satisfy all ages and group of its customers from theme parks to its on channel on...
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