Discrimination and Khan Defining Factors

Topics: Discrimination, Prejudice, Stereotype Pages: 3 (288 words) Published: June 18, 2013
5. Describe what it means to respect people’s differences and why it is important to respect differences.

6. For a person you know, describe the individual factors that make him / her who they are.

Name: Laiba Khan

Defining factorsBrief description
Physical characteristics

Long brown straight hair, average height, brown eyes.

Always happy and cheerful. Truthful and honest most of the time. Likes and dislikes

Values and beliefs

7. Describe yourself in terms of:
Personal interests
Religion / culture

8. What is meant by having multiple identities? Give three examples in relation to people you know.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

9. What is meant by shared identity?

10. Explain and give examples of how an individual can identify themselves as belonging to a number of different groups.

11. Describe yourself in terms of your multiple identities.

12. What is meant by stereotyping and labelling?

13. Explain why some people stereotype others.

14. Provide two examples of the damaging effects that stereotyping and labelling can have on people.

15. Provide at least two examples of the way stereotyping is perpetuated in society.

16. Define prejudice and discrimination.

17. Explain how people may develop prejudices.

18. Describe the following types of discrimination.

Type of discriminationDescription
Dual discrimination

Multiple discrimination

Positive discrimination

Discrimination arising out of disability

Discrimination by association

19. What is...
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