discrimination among the youth

Topics: Mass media, African American, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1744 words) Published: December 3, 2013

a. Thesis : No matter how innocent the Medias appear to be, what’s being communicated is desensitizing and reinforcing discrimination among the youth b. Plan: address arguments as they appear in paragraphs

c. Background info: Personal example, questioning, going for a more emotional start. Supporting argument
a. How much time people/youth spend watching TV and on the web and how it factors into how they think and form biases. b. What messages the media is telling why it’s targeting the younger audience. The outcome of those messages are telling younger crowds it’s “cool” to display or act out negative stereotypes which they get discriminated against. c. Children aren’t born with discriminations, they are taught them or allowed to have them Assessment of objections

a. Responsible parents will guide and direct a child, by limiting his or her viewing time and monitoring content. b. Discrimination is a dying idea, and we as a race have moved on so it’s okay to make light of the stereotypes. It makes for entertaining movies and news. No real harm done. c. Children grow out of things

a. Reinstate the thesis.
b. Bring new meaning to the thesis and provide sum thoughtful solutions c. Close with a poem.

The discrimination of youth

Let’s imaging for a moment that I am a young brave 19 year old fresh out of high school. If I were to be making a choice between going to the movies with one friend rather than another based on uncomfortable feelings, there wouldn’t be anything unusual about it. But, let’s say I chose that one friend over the other based on how their “race” makes me feel uncomfortable, now things are starting to push out of bounds. Then, I go a step further and make it a point to tell others that they shouldn’t hang out with African American males because they all carry weapons and that makes them all dangerous. I would then be the walking definition of racial discrimination because I’ve singled out a certain group of people with an unfair understanding rather than focusing on the qualities of that one friend. History tells us that somebody somewhere has these views, but to suggest that I was “born” thinking that African males are all dangerous seems pretty unlikely. This is a stereotype and the ground for which racial discrimination builds on. Children grow up believing what their environment surrounds them with, which means that discrimination of any kind is a learned notion and not totally self generated. There are many causes for these biases to form in young minds but I believe that the most important cause of today is the saturation of mass media and its influence. Regardless of how innocent the Medias appear to be, what’s being communicated is desensitizing and reinforcing discrimination among the youth.

Did you know that according to the Nielsen numbers the average American spends about 4 hours a day watching TV, that’s almost 30 hours a week and 2 full months a year glued to the tube or popular social media sites. Americans as a single group watch annually 250 billion hours of television (Nielsen 6) and spend about the same amount of time listening to music. Yet interestingly enough when a survey was conducted nearly half of adult Americans admitted that they watch too much television and wish they hadn’t. When asked about their children they said the same thing but with a higher number of exceptions and excuses as to why they don’t enforce a limit on view time. Excuses such as “I need time for myself, my child has ADD and will only sit still while watching TV” and “it’s not so bad because they are young and cartoons are harmless but some shows aren’t appropriate”. So to make sense of this correctly, Americans know that they watch too much television but when it comes to their children they’re more concerned about the content then the time spent idle. Media defenders state that responsible parents set limits because they don’t...
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