Discipline of children

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Disciplining Children

Although there are over a million ways to discipline a child, I feel as though the more effective way is through positive discipline. What that means is the beatings and hitting and yelling is not called for. The first positive discipline technique is role modeling. Children can learn more about behavior by watching adults or peers that they look up to doing the right thing. Another way is attention ignore, Children repeat behaviors that get attention if you ignore them they give up behaviors that get no attention.  The next one is setting limits, Children need to know where the limits are and that these limits stay the same all the time they sometimes test them frequently to find out. A common one that I agree with is consequences, there are two types of consequences, those that happen if you do nothing and those that you take action to. For example, if a child carelessly breaks a toy the child no longer has that toy to play with. But if the child hits another child with a toy you should know to take that toy away. Both are consequences of the child's actions. Last but not least but defiantly my favorite is time out. Sometimes children need time to calm down and get themselves together this is teaching a child not punishing them. You don’t have to whoop a child or yell at a child for a child to listen and or follow instructions, Children listen to the things you say as a parent but I feel as though if you take the positive approach the child won’t be so rebellious and or hate you.

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