Disability and Poverty Awareness

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Andrea Gutierrez
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March 27, 2013
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Non-profit organizations provide services and benefits to the public. Organizations are set up to create a project where any surplus money will be spent to provide programs typically for education and social causes (Swenson). Social causes include poverty and disability in developing countries. The world’s poor are more likely to develop a disability within their lifetime however they are not able to be provided medical care and proper medical translation as opposed to the more financially privileged. Understanding organizations such as the Red Cross, Wheels for the World and World Institute on Disability helps to acknowledge disability and poverty in the different ways organizations approach the poor and disabled. An organization can be defined as a group that raises money and awareness and also performs actions for either a specific cause or a multiple set of causes. Organizations obtain its own income by receiving generous donations from communities. The purpose of having these organizations is not to build wealth or benefit the owner in any way possible but to generate funds and assistance to help further its chosen cause. A non-profit organization can also help in bringing more attention to an important issue in the community in order to create awareness. (Balle). Running an organization includes several benefits including awareness and being able to assist the community through volunteer work and funds.

Disability affects hundreds of millions of families in developing countries. Disability can be defined as physical, mental or intellectual. Some people are born disabled but others become disabled as a result of an accident or disease (World Bank). Many individuals are not aware of the amount of poverty in disability in third world countries and the 80% of disabled people that live in developing countries. Awareness brings us one step closer to attempt to bring them a better life. It also improves public understanding about disability and poverty around the world. Bringing awareness to communities has many benefits which include improved understanding about the topic and promoting respect. Being disabled is a vicious cycle. People with a lower income are more likely to acquire a disability because of their lack of access to health care, sanitation as well as good nutrition (World Facts). The first step in attempting to help those people with a disability that do not have the financial circumstance to afford medical care is becoming aware of their situation and realize the facts.

A developing country is also called a less developed country which is a national with a low living standard, undeveloped industrial base and low Human Development Index relative to other countries (Wikipedia). In developing countries there is a scarcity of doctors and trained nurses and often there is no available medical care which makes it extremely difficult for those people who are disabled to receive the proper medical care and attention. Organizations assist the poor and disabled in developing countries by making health care more accessible. Organizations create ways to aid those who are not able to receive this health care by providing food, shelter, and medications. In third world countries accessibility is a huge factor of why those who are disabled are not able to receive the medical attention they need. Lack of transportation and medical necessities such as crutches and wheelchairs are one of the main reasons why disabled people are not able to get the medical attention they need. Charities and organizations send wheelchairs and medical supplies to developing countries which allows those who cannot receive the medical attention they need to be more mobile and able to go to the clinics and get there medications and care.

Donations to organizations that aid and help the poor and disabled are used in various ways. Some raise...

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