Digital Preservation: Practical and Limitation

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Title:Digital Preservation: Practical and Limitation

1.0 Introduction

Preservation of digital records bring along a big challenges includes the roles of the institution, legal and policy issues, the right of intellectual property and other technical issues. This conceptual paper will discuss about the digital preservation of the material whether it is originally born digital or being digitized by archives institution. For the local authority archivists, the major challenge that they faces are the management of digital records and the long-term preservation of it. Government bodies had already received the obligation to manage the digital records through the Freedom of Information (FOI) but it still did not give significant among policy makers in local government.

According to Kimberly Barata (2004), there are two perspectives that involves in strategic vision for electronic records which are what is the program that archive hope to be implement and the reality situation of government itself.

2.0 Central Content

The content is more about ‘Archives in Digital Age’ which is emphasis on the legislation and policies that bring the changes to the local and central government in order to manage their records. Besides, it also about how electronic records in UK public sector are being managed. Other than that, it also shows the factors that limit some institutions in order to preserve their cultural heritage in the modern era. The discussion also involves about the development of SCAT (Scat is Curation And Trust) in the Gloucestershire Archives. It is a workbench tool that is developed for archivist in the local government archive.

3.0 Discussions

3.1 Main drivers that need to be change (Policy and Legislation)

E-Government policy, Freedom of Information Act 2000, Data Protection Act 1998 and Environmental Information are the main drivers that need to be change. The Modernizing Government agenda are aims to make a transformation in term of public services in UK. It really includes the full use of information communication technologies or ICT to serves the public services. E-Government is all about focusing the best services for public on the user’s view side. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 makes the compulsory the changing in the business and culture practices of the entire public bodies in Wales and England. This act is applying to all information including electronic records.

3.2 Electronic records management in public sector

The need in order to guide and provide facilities in the way to support an electronic record’s management is the urgent thing that needs to be considered. But majority of archives did not started any work that can help in achieving the milestones that been identifies by National Archives for a successful in an electronic management program. In order to achieving success an archive will need to: a) An organization’s repositioning.

b) Training in issues and also implementation.
c) A legislative acknowledgement about the role of the archive services. d) The resources that need in implementing programmes.

3.3 Education, research and training.

The controversial areas are the education and training in digital preservation and electronic records management. There are many opinions that the area that should be focusing is the preservation and access area. However, acquiring the skills in electronic management is more important than others. There is an existing university that has a archives management courses but they are lack of practical and it will give a bad impact to the student. It is because the students did not have the chances to practice the real thing rather than just learn the theory.

3.4 Practical limit in digital preservation

Try to imagine about the perfect digital preservation which is the archive would identify and capture the content that had been created by...
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