Digestive System of Mammals

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Grazing Herbivore: Herbivores digestive systems can consist of one of two types of insides, it can be a foregut fermenter where the Foregut Fermeters has two parts (a tubiform and a sacciform fore stomach) containing lots of microbes. The stomach is bigger than that of a hindgut fermenter considering its usually a bigger animal, the stomach has an extra chamber to help devour glucose from the cellulose (the herbivores diet is largely cellulose and is broken down by the microbes) and nutrients and then produce fatty acids that the animal can use for energy, It also usually has a long small intestine (and usually has small expansions along the intestines to accomodate for so much bacteria), with a a caecum thats not to long and a medium length colon (Microbes can be digested further along the digestive tract and they're are also a source of protein) Forgut fermenters are usually larger herbivores and forgut fermentation is a slower digestive process. As opposed to,

Hindgut fermenters that use bacteria only and fermentation in their hindgut, has the small intestine that is shorter than a foregut fermenters small intestine, the caecum which is usually big and expanded for microbial fermentation and proximal colon which is very long, longer than that of a foregut fermenter. Microbes that are cleaned out cannot be digested properly and protein is lost. Hindgut fermenters are usually the smaller mammals.

Even thought its not part of the digestive system teeth are very resourceful for aiding digestion, in all Herbivores they have a Horny pad which helps initially crush the food and a meeseter that is larger than that of a carnivore so it can chew for longer, they have cainines at the front and molars and pre molars that grind at the back, so that the foodis crushed and soft making the break down and digestion of food easier.

Example: Cow chews its food for a long time to crush it andmake it easier to digest, then the food moves down the...
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