different values in different cultures make people different

Topics: Culture, Difference, Value Pages: 1 (486 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Recently, I read an article written by Clyde Kluckhohn, a professor of anthropology. It’s about the reason why there are differences and similarities among the world’s peoples. According to Professor Kluckhohn, it’s because of culture. People who live in the same culture share many things in common and different cultures shape different characteristics of people. I share the same point of view with him, based on my own experience and observation. In my opinion, different values in different cultures make people different. In many cases, TV drama reflects most of the values which the country believes in. Collectivism is one of the major values of Chinese people. They honor teamwork, believing that a man won’t reach great achievements without a strong team. In a famous Chinese TV drama named Qingtian Bao, the hero Bao is a judge with a strong sense of justice. He can solve crimes impartially and quickly, but he still needs Ce Gongsun, his private assistant, to analyze the cases and give advice. He also needs Zhanzhao to protect him as his bodyguard. People love this drama because it not only displays justice, but also shows the perfect result of working as an efficient team. Different from Chinese, Americans believe in individual personality, reluctant to give the group priority over the individual. That is well reflected in the American drama named Prison Break. Although the hero Michael has a team, he does almost everything crucial to finish their plan to escape from the jail. In short, the biggest difference between these two dramas is Bao can not lose any member of his team to succeed , but Michael can. The way people talk can also reflect the values of their country. As we all known, Americans talk frankly and openly because they value directness and assertiveness. If they dislike something, they speak directly. They do not avoid conflicts, thinking it a good way to solve problems. In contrast, Chinese value harmony. They seldom use the direct and...
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