Difference Between Shura And Democracy

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Shura which means “Consultation” in arabic. The real meaning of shura is the peoples right to take part in the formation of their government and their right to decide their affairs and choose a leader on the merit of his adherence and making him accountable for the decisions they make and creating a condition that would benefit the nation.

Both shura and democracy are correlated to each other. Both thereby believe on ruling people on the bases laws rather then ruling individuals or a family of people through dictatorial decree. Thus democracy and shura are therefore one and the same idea. They nudge us to find better and better realizations of the principles of equality, justice and human dignity in our combined socio-political experience....

Members of shura have following rights and powers that they can follow-
The main powers of the Board:
• Shura Council makes proposals in regards to the draft enactment submitted to the Council of Ministers.
• Provide improvement of social and economy laws in power in the Sultanate. Board transmits the draft laws which might be surveyed .
• Shura Council gets yearly reports from the Ministers of administrations for the accomplishments and arrangements of their service.
• It plays a major role in the preparation of five-year development plans
• Express an assessment on the points alluded by His Majesty the Sultan or the Council of Ministers to the Council for thought and raise visuals and suggestions
• It analysis on state budget project
• To express the concerns of natives and take an interest in the combination of their attention to national advancement targets and needs
• Participate in endeavors to save and shield nature from contamination harm. And make people relalize the importance of saving...
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