Difference Between Psams and Proverbs

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Difference Between Psams and Proverbs
In the Poetic Literature course at The Way of Life Bible Institute in Richmond, Virignia the students compare and contrast the Psalms and the Proverbs. The Bible includes 150 psalms. These psalms are a collection of prayers, poems, and hymns that focus on the worshiper's thoughts about God in praise and adoration. David wrote 73 of the psalms. Other psalmists include Moses, Solomon, Asaph, and Sons of Korah. Fifty of the psalms are anonymous. The Bible includes 31 chapters of Proverbs even though Solomon is attributed to having written 3,000 proverbs. In the 31 chapters included in our Bible, Solomon mentions 180 different types of people. See if you can find yourself there. If you can't, read what he wrote about liars. The Psalms and Proverbs are quite different.

The Psalms are vertical to God.
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1)
The Proverbs are horizontal about people.
Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth. (Proverbs 10:4) The Psalms are divine counsel whereas the Proverbs are practical counsel. The Psalms include God's commands, while the Proverbs include human opinions. While the Psalms are prayers, the Proverbs are merely wise sayings. Both the Psalms and Proverbs have value. If you want to know God, feel God's presence and have a better relationship with God, read the Psalms. If you want to know yourself and have a better relationship with others, read the Proverbs. At some point in your life, read all 150 Psalms and all 31 chapters of Proverbs. Psalms| Proverbs|

several writers
verticle (to God)
divine counsel
prayers| 31 chapters
1 writer
horizontal (about people)
human opinions
wise saying|
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