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By deetiny Oct 06, 2013 1069 Words
Diet and exercise vs. Liposuction
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Do you know that you may not a candidate for liposuction if you are really over weight? The fact is most doctors will not do liposuction on obese people. If you are obese and need to lose weight you’re best idle is to check with your doctor for a perception and a diet and exercise program. There so many different ways to lose weight two of them are diet and exercise is one and another is liposuction. Do to risk factors it is important for some people to use Liposuction or another forms of surgery to lose weight rather than diet and exercise. This being said those people will steel need to use some form of diet and exercise program to maintain the weight loss. These two different forms of weight loss techniques are used in weight loss of different ways to get to the same results. The problem is one can be used to do most things by its self the other is just a starting point or working point as the case maybe. First thing before you start any form of weight loss you need to check with your doctor first. Because your weight gain may mean that something else is wrong with you. Both programs will cost you in one way or another diet and exercise may cost by changing what you are buying at the grocery store or by you needing to get a gym member ship, work out video, or just a pair of walking or running shoes. The reason that you may have a change in your grocery bill is processed and junk foods like snack cakes and chips cost less than most fresh fruit and vegetables. The healthier you eat though means the more of a chance you will have at obtaining your goal. Liposuction will cost you in to the thousands of dollars range depending on what you need to be done. The going price is twelve thousand to fifteen thousand an hour surgery cost this is not altogether. It does not factor in your hospital stay if you have to stay or any of the many more fees that they may add to your bill. The second point I want to make is if you check in to both things you will find that most doctors will not do liposuction on a person whose weight may be in the obese range the reason is that the surgery is not used for weight loss a lone the fact that you weigh more than just a few pounds more means the surgery would not be good for you, and it would cause more problems. They will sometimes do surgery on ankles or knees if you are really obese to help with mobility so you can be more active to lose weight. Here are a few more reasons that you may not be a candidate for liposuction. If you have certain medical conditions or have not ceased certain medications, over the counter drugs, or supplements, plastic surgeons will not perform the liposuction until you have ceased necessary medications and clearance from a primary care physician is obtained. If you have poor skin quality. Poor skin quality may not permit for the contraction of skin that is necessary following liposuction and may result in body contour irregularities. If you have cellulite, depending upon the extent of cellulite. Cellulite signifies a red flag that contour irregularities may result from liposuction as stated in this study to find more on this go to Diet and exercise however can be done at any weight even if it is just watching your calorie intake and walking short distances at first. If your mobility is a factor by watching your calorie intake you can lose some weight. The third point is the safety of each diet and exercise and liposuction there can be issues with both and both can be fatal. There has been deaths related to both with liposuction you have so many more risk factors like Shock (usually when not enough fluid is replaced during the surgery),Fluid overload (usually from the procedure), Infections (strep, staph), Bleeding, blood clot, Tiny globules of fat in the bloodstream that block blood flow to tissue (fat embolism), Nerve, skin, tissue, or organ damage or burns from the heat or instruments used in liposuction, Uneven fat removal (asymmetry), Dents in your skin or contouring problems, Drug reactions or overdose from the lidocaine used in the procedure, Scarring or irregular, asymmetric, or even "baggy," skin, especially in older people. With diet and exercise there are some risk as well like heart attacks, sprained ankles, falls, pulled muscles, over worked muscles , etc. The fourth point is that liposuction is used mostly for Cosmetic reasons; including "love handles," fat bulges, or an abnormal chin line. To improve sexual function by reducing abnormal fat deposits on the inner thighs, thus allowing easier access to the vagina. Body shaping for people that are bothered by fatty bulges or irregularities that cannot be removed by diet and exercise to see more on this you can visit this web page at; There are a few things that you may want to take in to account before you do any form of surgery. There are so many different diet and exercise programs out there that you may try hundreds before you fined the one that is right for you. For a few ensamples is Jenny Crag, Atkins, Thin and healthy just to name a few. If you need more help ask your doctor for the best plan for you or maybe a diet aid of some kind. The fact is that it takes three thousand and five hundred calories to make one pound of fat so if you count calorie’s and drop five hundred calories a day in a week you will lose one pound. Diet and exercise is used the most for weight loss, to get healthy and stay healthy. It is your chose in the long run of things in what way you may choose to go but I think that I will just stick with diet and exercise. The risk that comes with it is so much less severe in my way of thinking. The price paid I think would be less as well.

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