Diabolik Lovers Analysis

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Diabolik Lovers, More Blood, what is there to say about it.I guess a good place to start is the beginning. Diabolic Lovers spelled with a "K" for some reason, was about something called a sacrificial bride as you all might of been already aware. Now this season is about Christian symbolism with Eve and Adam for ones unaware of the story of Eve and Adam you will be very confused since everything about the story completely relies on you being a Christian.If you aren't well....f*** I guess you'll forever be completely lost in the great abyss since you are never told what the story was. Anyway, let's start talking about the consistent references to Adam and Eve, or maybe I should just start with the story. You know what let me explain the
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First of all, let's talk about the opening.The first eleven seconds sounds almost too much like Princess Resurrection's first eleven seconds with the only big differences being present is with the slower and deeper tone of the music.Not that I'm framing of Diabolik Lovers, More Blood of copyright infringement. I just found the similarities interesting, when I first heard the opening and it reminded me a lot of the opening in Princess Resurrection. As for the osts they are actually pretty appropriate this time around. When each character's osts match their personalities.For Yuma(the bad boy stereotype I was talking about) has this very classical action movie type osts that seem to fit his personality quite well. Ruki has an ost paying homage to soft tango (The Reiji rip-off). Kou has disco music mixed in with modern day remix(To show his two-faced personality). Azusa's is a mixture of electronica and classical music(the one who enjoys his own misery), etc. Maybe I got the styles of music wrong since I suck when it comes to basic music knowledge, but you can search up "Diabolik Lovers More Blood OST - ____ (Extended)". To find some really cool homages to different kinds of music.It's really neat and different, you should defiantly look it up if you have the time.(Credit to TBC btw) As for the designs, the characters still look way too much like visual novel designs.With the weird shading and off-putting lighting that doesn't seem to fit the eerie background designs at all.Which has dark shading and amazing details in the background. Overall, the sound is great, but the designs are a bit more

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