Dfpa Business Plan

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Provision of Machineries / Equipments and Utensils for the Members of Daet Food Producers Association (DFPA)

I. Summary of the Project

a. Name of Applicant


b. Business Name


c. Location

Technology and Livelihood Development Center (TLDC)
Barangay Lag-on
Daet, Camarines Norte

d. Brief Description of the Project

This project is envisioned to address the need to develop the processed food industry in the municipality of Daet, Camarines Norte particularly pili and pineapple-based products, through the provision of techno-transfer activities, managerial competency trainings, and the establishment of a Common Service Facility (CSF).

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Daet will provide a space (4.5m x 13m) at the Techonology and Livelihood Development Center (TLDC) Office to house the Common Service Facility Project.

The Department of Labor and Employment will grant funds for the procurement of various machines and equipments, and packaging materials needed to package ideally the processed food products. The provision of the equipment and packaging materials is geared towards prolonging product shelf life and improvement of product presentation so as to better promote the processed food products distinctive of the municipality.

Meanwhile, the Department of Trade and Industry – Camarines Norte Provincial Office (DTI-CNPO) will be in charge of the Human Resource Development (HRD), product development, and marketing activities aimed at developing the skills and managerial competencies of the food producers, improving product quality, and providing a bigger market for the processed food products.

The beneficiaries of the project will be the members of the Daet Food Producers Association (DFPA), a DOLE registered association. Their counterpart will include the existing equipments and machineries and the available working capital used in the business operation.

e. Highlights of Major Assumptions and Summary of Fundings and Conclusions Regarding the Following:

i. Market Feasibility

The popularity of pili and pineapple based products as the One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) of Daet have long been accepted in the market. Additional products that will be developed will easily penetrate the market as pili and pineapple based products are already a part of the Filipino culture.

At present, pili and pineapple based products are being sold in Daet as pasalubong items to local tourists who flock to the municipality from time to time.

One distinct product of Daet Food Producers Associaiton (DFPA) is the Pilipiña Pie. The product is being packed in a 9” x 9” x 1.5” box, the selling price of which is Php150.00.

Another product of the association is the Special Ensaymada, a special bread topped with a mixture of butter, sugar and grated cheese. The product is priced at Php20.00per piece.

The association also produces Pineapple Juice which is made from real fresh Formosa pineapple. It is being sold at Php15.00 per plastic cup.

ii. Social Economic Desirability

The proposed project will benefit the forty (40) food producers who are members of the Daet Food Producers Association (DFPA). The proposed common service facility will greatly benefit them through the use of equipments and machines,and be able to market products which are competitive in terms of shelf life and appeal.

Food producers of Daet are mostly micro level entrepreneurs operating on small scale. The project will provide opportunity for them to maximize their income by minimizing losses in the operation by providing quality products with a much longer shelf life.

As for the end consumers, they are assured that the products they will be consuming are clean, safe, and wholesome… which is a must for every food products in the market.

iii. Technical Feasibility...
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