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The following article talks about the various measures which if adopted by Indian government can make India not only a developed country but a world super power. India has the potential of becoming a super power & it can become so if the following fifty steps are taken by the Indian government.

India is a rapidly developing country but at the same time it is facing lot of problems both internally & externally & India can become a developed country & a world Super Power only if these problems are eradicated. Following are some of the ways which can make India a developed country & a super power –

1) By controlling rapidly increasing population

Rapidly increasing population is the biggest menace which India is facing currently as over population is the root cause of most of the problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, pollution, crime etc. India is the second most populated country of the world after China & unless India takes some effective steps to check population India can’t become a super power as it is the biggest hindrance in the progress of country.

2) By eradicating poverty

In India still millions of people live below the poverty line & as long as there is poverty in a country it can’t become a developed country. So Indian government must take some serious steps to eradicate poverty from the country so as to make it a super power.

3) By increasing literacy rate

Illiteracy also acts as a hindrance in the development of a country as an illiterate person can’t contribute in any way in the progress of a country. So illiteracy should be eradicated from the country by providing free & compulsory education to children as well as to uneducated adults.

4) By checking unemployment

Unless problem of unemployment is addressed by creating more employment opportunities for the people India can’t become a super power because unemployment means lot of human resources of the country remain under utilized or unutilized which could have been used for the progress of the country.

5) By eliminating pollution

Pollution is also an impediment in the progress of a country whether its air, water, noise or radioactive pollution since pollution affects the competence of an individual through various forms of illnesses like headache, high or low blood pressure, asthma etc. & an unfit person can’t contribute effectively to the progress of a country.

6) By checking the crime rate

A peaceful country can progress much more than a country with a high crime rate. So, efforts should be made by the Indian government to check the crime rate in the country by making some effective laws & equally effective implementation of those laws so as to make India a super power.

7) By adopting zero tolerance against corruption

Corruption is also a big obstacle in the development of a country as it badly affects the economy of a country. Corruption is rampant in India & India is placed 87th in the international corruption index. So, unless corruption is eliminated from India by adopting zero tolerance approach towards corruption & by making some effective laws India can’t become a super power.

8) By bringing back the black money stashed abroad

Thousands of crores of black money of India is stashed abroad in the foreign banks by various influential persons of India which is badly hampering the progress of Indian economy. Unless serious efforts are made by the Indian government to bring back that black money India can’t become a developed country.

9) By becoming self sufficient in food grain production

A country can’t become a super power unless it becomes self sufficient in the production of food grains i.e. capable of feeding its population through its own produce & without any foreign aid. India hasn’t reached to that level as yet. So to become a super power India must increase its production of food grains that can only be done by bringing new & latest agricultural...
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