Deviance: Sociology and Strain Theory

Topics: Sociology, Stereotype, Labeling theory Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: December 1, 2010
“Deviance in sociological context describes actions or behaviors that violate cultural norms including formally-enacted rules (e.g., crime) as well as informal violations of social norms.” People consider an act to be a deviance act because of the three sociological theories: control theory, labeling theory and strain theory. It deeply reflected in the movie called "Menace II Society". Control theory. Portrayed in this movie, there are 2 control systems working against our motivations to deviate. Inner controls (things inside you that stop you from deviating- morals, religious beliefs, conscience). O-Dog consistently goes to kill some guys with Caine, but Caine doesn’t intend to kill anyone, just to scare them. Caine says “ I never killed anyone because I didn’t see the reason to kill.” There was also many outer controls (things outside of you that stop you from deviating- parents, police, the law) portrayed in this movie. The stronger our bonds, connections with society, the more effective our inner controls. Bonds based on attachments, commitments, involvements, and beliefs. Caine is unable to control himself due to the badly influenced bond or connection with the society. There was a party in his house when he was very young, his parents sold and did drugs. When Caine sneaked out of his house and talked to people (his parent’s friends) he learned how to hold gun and drink. His mother caught him and tells him to go back to the house. But never really told him why it was bad. He and his parents didn’t have a strong bond because they weren’t able to control themselves either. After Caine grew up there was a time when he was charged as an adult, but the authorities lessen the charge to joyriding and let him go after linking him to the liquor store killings but failing to prove his involvement. He later buys a stolen Ford Mustang from a car shop and robs a youth at a fast-food drive through for his new wheel rims, chains, and pager. Caine admits in the end of...
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