Deviance and Social Control

Topics: Sociology, Deviance, Definition Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Deviance is part of every culture and society, it is the border line between acceptable and intolerable behavior. Each micro society holds it's own definition as to what deviant behavior actually is. The deviant is one to whom that label has successfully been applied, deviant behavior is behavior that people label. Through out history, there is no doubt in my mind that deviant citizens have been a contributing part to each generation. It is all relative, a label of deviance remains a label of deviance; the question that remains really is "what is deviance?". Being labeled as an outside is not foreign for some people. Matter of fact it is acceptable and a norm to be labeled as deviant for some people. No matter what group of people you deal with through out history or life today, there are social rules written and sometimes unwritten, nonetheless meant to be broken.

For example, freshman year I attended St. Rose High School and got caught texting my mom on my cellphone while switching classes. Getting to the point, I ended up losing my phone for a month and getting in a whole load of trouble (I was then silently labeled as "deviant" for the rest of my time there) for something as simple as texting. If I whipped my phone out in Manasquan High School 99% of the time teachers do not even say anything at all because they could care less. Such a backwards wrong act of defiance should be nationally recognized through out schools everywhere, but it's not like that. Deviance is defined in so many different ways it not only differentiates from school to school, it changes in the eyes of parents too. For example, Johhny came home at 12:05am on Saturday night, and as a result got grounded for Saturday. Jessie strolled in at 12:30am on Friday night, and came home at 1:00am on Saturday with no troubles at all.

What I'm trying to say is deviant behavior is not even a real thing, it is just defined by your surroundings. Am I the victim or the crime for getting...
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