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Film Review : Devdas

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Devdas was released in 1955. This film is directed by Bimal Roy and is based on Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel, Devdas. The genre of the movie Devdas is a romantic drama. Mr. S.D Burman has given a beautiful music in the movie Devdas. This film has a famous and the most critically acclaimed actor Dilip Kumar as a protagonist; Vyjayanthimala in her first dramatic role where she plays a character of Chandramukhi who is a courtesan, Suchitra Sen in her Bollywood debut as Parvati (also known as Paro) in the lead; and the other main characters of the movie are Chunni babu , Dharmadas and Devdas’ father acted by Motilal, Nazir Hussain and Murad accordingly1. Now, after becoming familiar with the main characters of the movie, let us get ready for an interesting review of this Bollywood master piece. So, let’s start with a cliché line used during the film making; lights, roll the camera and action! Set in a rural Bengal during feudal times, Devdas is a tragic story of a love affair between Devdas, son of the local landlord and Parvati, the daughter of their neighbor. Both Devdas and Parvati belong to Brahmin caste; however, families of Devdas and Parvati share different status in terms of affluence. Devdas’ family is wealthier than Parvati’s family. Devdas and Parvati had been inseparable as children, and as they grew older their love for each other blossomed. When they decide to marry, Devdas' father turns down the marriage proposal; and sends him away to Calcutta for higher studies. Disheartened Devdas gives up on his love, and Paro gets married to a much older man, who is a widower with plenty of wealth and two grown-up children. Devdas returns to his village to meet married Parvati. Parvati risks her reputation by coming to meet Devdas in the night and asking him to save her from a loveless marriage by eloping with her; the...
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