detailed lesson plan science 4

Topics: Mixture, Water, Chemical substance Pages: 4 (906 words) Published: October 18, 2014
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I. Objectives:
1. Show how mixture is formed.
2. Describe ways of Separating Mixtures.

II. Subject Matter: Mixture
Reference: Science for Daily Use 4

A. Science Concept
A mixture is a combination of two or more different substances where their individual characteristics are maintained. Ways of separating mixtures are: evaporation, filtration, sieving, sifting, straining, winnowing and through the use of magnets.

B. Processes Stressed- Observing, and Describing
C. Materials:

III. Procedure
Teachers ActivityPupils Activity

a. Lesson Proper

1. Motivation:

I will group you into 3 groups this is group1, this is group 2 and this is group 3.. I have here a mixed/jumbled letters; you will form a word base on the meaning. I am going to read/flash and the group who can form the correct word faster than the other will get a one point. Okay let’s start!

Okay. Congrats to the winner..
Now, let’s proceed to the topic…

2. Presentation:

Have you observed a construction worker a Yes, madam Mixing, cement, gravel and sand for concrete
Flooring? Look/observe the materials in the picture

Can you separate the mixture of cement,
gravel and sand? Yes madam we can.

Can you give other materials that form
mixture? Yes, Madam.
What are those materials that form mixture? The food we are eating. Example: fruit salas, pinakbet,pickles and others.
Very good! Our lesson for today has something
to do with your given example about mixture.

What is mixture? Mixture contains two or more substances put together.

The other Ways of Separating Mixture are:
1. Evaporation-salt forms the seawater. We separate...
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