Designing Safe Cities Through Different Urban Planner’s Visions

Topics: Criminology, Urban planning, Grid plan Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: October 1, 2014
Student: Xiomara del Pilar Ocmín Ronceros
Designing safe cities through different urban planner’s visions
It is known that safe cities are related by their design, besides they provide a sense of security for those who inhabit there. According to the urban planners, there are several proposals and different manners to design safe cities such as crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). Despite there are vast amounts ideas to design a safe metropolis, all them have flaws in terms of crime. Therefore the urban planners decided to approach the solution using security methods in the neighborhoods from burglar alarm to complex strategies; to put it briefly combining the foregoing with CPTED design can significantly enhance the security in a planned city such as the crime statistics clearly show. So in this essay we are going to talk about different urban visions sustained by planners like Jane Jacobs, Oscar Newman and others.

The CPTED was started by the visionary Jane Jacobs when her insights were written in her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Many people quote her phrase “there must be eyes on the street” to emphasize the relationship between urban safety and design. In this sense, her cognition about the topic led her to provide recommendations based on close observation of public spaces. These consist of bars and restaurants “sprinkled along the sidewalks”, street vendor, and pedestrians. Also, she recommended the installation of bright street light to “augment every pair of eyes” exposing safety on the streets with a resulting much more movement in the streets by the pedestrians, making a successful city.

In 1970s, Oscar Newman simplified Jacobs’s vision, focusing on an approach to define the issues and to provide standardized solutions. His vision was the "Hardware solutions" such as fences, buzzer gates, police patrols and traffic barriers - despite Jacobs’s warnings to the contrary. CPTED in great measure ignored the...
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