desert storm

Topics: Iraq, Gulf War, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: September 29, 2013

The purpose of this Essay is to gain a better perspective on Operation Desert Storm and gain a better understanding on what brought upon this war why did Saddam want to control kuwait's oil, and what input did the United States have into starting and ending this War?

On August 2, 1990, Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait. While Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had been making threats against Kuwait for quite some time.the actual invasion caught most of the world by surprise. everyone expected just a limited attack to seize Kuwaiti oil fields but Instead, within a couple of hours, Iraqi forces had seized downtown Kuwait City.Iraqi forces began to assemble at the Saudi border . King Fahd of Saudi Arabia asked for American assistance. The minute the meeting ended, orders were issued that began the largest buildup of American forces since Vietnam. Within a short period, forces of the 82nd Airborne division were heading for Saudi Arabia, as well as 300 combat aircraft.By the end of September, there were nearly 200,000 American forces in Saudi Arabia.The question was,how to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait. The initial plan called for a "direct offensive aimed at Kuwait City"but Commanders thought it was too risky against the heavily armed Iraqis. Instead, they called for additional troops to prepare for an offensive. President Bush, with Saudi's approval, ordered 140,000 additional troops, including the 3rd Armored Division with its Abrams M1A tanks. During this period, troops from many other nations arrived, including British, French, Egyptian and even Syrian forces.The first air attack was On the morning of January 16, Allied forces began the first phase "the attack on Iraq." American forces destroyed the Iraqi border radar stations, then the Iraqi anti-aircraft network and finally began bombing key targets in downtown Iraq, including the Presidential palace, communication centers and power stations. after two weeks of air attacks, the Iraqis started they're one...
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