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Topics: High school, Education, Volunteering Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Have you ever thought to not finishing school for failing a type of volunteer or social service?, It sounds silly, this is a campaign that increasingly takes more force in developing countries. No doubt the volunteer programs are tools that help integrate education with the people, so I am really convinced that the vast majority of developed countries have this kind of program because it helps people to develop a culture based generating in responsibilities and accomplishment that makes people more apt and with a level of maturity in society. Finally, this is reflected in the new youth is a concern and especially in the country.

A volunteer program offers many benefits especially if applied to high school students. Values ​​such as altruism and solidarity among students is rare, no doubt with this type of program would recover these important principles that try to look for the benefit of people without getting anything in return and share what you have with people in need.

Moreover, this proposal would be a plus extracurricular favoring increase employment opportunities. Many companies value volunteer work responsibility and attitude it takes to do it. There is no doubt that social relations would increase as through volunteering usually meet new people and also that all dedicated to the same end and has interests in common.

The quality of life would improve as they help make you feel good about yourself and perhaps the most important reason caracteriztica which a country grows with such programs is that people beneficiarion program is to return it to other generating a string without end.

Perhaps the major problem with these programs is that they are not paid but to put as a requirement for high school graduation year or go do that are made by all and sundry. Sounds like mandatory but is the only way in which it can be taken seriously. By the time a student last year have so many hours of his last years as a graduation present and therefore may no...
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