Description Of Samsung Museum

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Project name: Lueem Samsung Museum of Art.
Completed: 2004.
Architects: Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel and Rem Koolhas.
Location: Hannam-dong, South Korea.
Site area: 6274 square meters.
Floor area : 21797 square meters.

1- General description about the whole museum:

Samsung museum was built for several purposes, such as, presenting the traditional art, showing the beauty of Korea and the powerful of the international art. However, the museum is a collection of two museums and one center. The first museum was designed by Mario Botta (Swiss architect), the second one done by Jean Nouvel and the center which is the Samsung child education and culture center was designed by the architect Rem Koolhas. Moreover, the museum is a collection of art and...

This part of the Lueem museum has a site area of 3960 square meters, and floor area of 11880 square meters for the three floors of this part of Lueem museum. That is main museum 2 is larger than museum 1 with less floors. Moreover, the main function of this museum is to show the contemporary art. Many architects in this museum took places to present their permanent exhibition, such as, Damien Hirst and Yves Klein. On the other hand, Jean Nouvel used different material to construct the museum. He used white glass and black filmed stainless steel. However, the building is a kind of boxes were created for the exhibitions. Nouvel used glass to be free while he arranges the boxes to control more the exhibition...

However, Botta wanted to show the beauty of Korea and its materials, so he decided to cover the skin of the museum with terra cotta tiles, that gives the sense of firs and earth.
The museum is a piece of massive rotunda building located on the Namsan hill. The analysis of the museum will be about the materials which used to construct it, the lobby, the rotunda, the exhibition area and the budget (the construction cost to complete the building).

* The material: Botta was interested in the Korean ceramic, so he used the terra cotta tiles. Actually, this tile is a brick made of clay. The way that Mario applied the tiles showed a kind of mystery an da kind of allowing the natural light to enter the space inside. So we can inferred that Botta’s museum was made of...
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