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Topics: Vietnam, Firefighter, Gasoline Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: June 23, 2013
This picture shows the big fire which is strong and spread quickly at petrol station in Viet Nam. The force firefighter with many firemen who are working very hard in an effort to control the fire. They are wearing dark-blue clothes, red helmets and whitish face mash without gloves, goggles and oxygen tank. In the left of picture, one firefighter is running and holding his helmet beacause he is afraid of that it is out of his head. Maybe his helmet which is very important to a fireman, is bad or too loosen. Moreover, force army is also jointing with firefighting together. In the right of picture, solider man in green uniform of army is trying to escape from the fire. His clothes and boots are burned up so He is very scared. He does not equip not personal protect as helmet, gloves, face mash, etc. I think he will be seriously injured. Near the gas station, some firemen are quite calm. They don’t attend to the fire. Nobody holds fire hose or fire extinguisher. To my mind, this picture describe real situation of force firefighter in Vietnam. They use the old equipment which quality are very low. In addition, fireman is equipped fully good personal tools and trained knowdge and good skill. The fireman who is running and holding his helmet in the picture above, proves a part of my opinion. The blaze is pretty dangerous to all of us. It destroys not only economic but also people. The nearest blaze happens at a petrol station in Tran Hung Dao street. In this one, ten firemen, 2 employees and one resident were injured. Losses is estimated at nearly 13 billion VND. If petrol station had built in rule and force firefighter had been better, they will suffer that. I hope that awareness of everyone in fire prevention will be improved well.
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