Describe En Incident in Which You or Someone Close to You Was Cut from a Team or Rejected in Some Manner from a Group or Activity. Be Sure to Explain the Logic Behind the Reasons for the Initial Rejection , the Reasons

Topics: Baseball, Minor league baseball, Orthopedic surgery Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 9, 2013
During my first year in college I was cut from the baseball team. To most people that would be a minor bummer in their lives,but to me and my family ,it was more of calamity ,in fact, more like a death in the family. To explain why ,I need to digress here and explain something about my past few years. All through my life I have played and excelled at ball , from the time I played T-ball at the Sylmar Independent Baseball League to my first year in college. My mother and father were always a part of my experience; in fact I have never played a game without one or the other watching. As long as my last year in elementary school I was singled out as a real prospect. Two coaches from different high school used to keep track of me that year when I was pitching for the Broncos ,an independent sports organization in the West Valley .Curt Daniels ,my coach at the time,said that ,in his thirty years of coaching ,he had never seen a more promising ballplayer. At Garrison High School in Canoga Park you can still see plaques and cups awarded to me in the trophy room. During my last season at Garrison High ,my coach ,Ansel Williams ,invited major league scouts to our games. I was offered a job with the Cincinnati and Houston farm system ,but my mother in particular wanted me to go to college.I could have gone practically anywhere ,but I settled on USC because of their great baseball tradition. All the time ,I was really playing great.Me ERA never dropped below 2.40.The last two seasons of high school ball my elbow had hurt and became swollen after every game,but the pain never kept me from pitching ;and the excitement of those years ,when I was a hero of the school and even appeared in national sports magazines as a top recruiting prospect ,seemed so much more important than a little pain. I never even mentioned the pain to anyone. I just got in the habit of putting ice on my elbow when I got home. In the first practice game I pitched at USC ,...
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