Desalination of water through reverse osmosis

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Desalination of Seawater Project Paper
The main concept of this Desalination process is reverse osmosis, but we will get into that later. Right now what is probably running through your head is what exactly is desalination. To put it simply desalination is the process to make seawater or otherwise undrinkable water safe to consume. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods such as the simplest but one of the ones that requires a lot of money would be distillation. Distillation is commonly associated with the creation of alcohol like whiskey, though it can be used to make "pure" water as well. Simply put distillation is heating the water until the water evaporates and leaves the unwanted materials being therefore making it safe to drink. Though this process would cost a decent amount of cash because you need a constant supply of fuel. Another method is electrolysis. This would probably be the most costly of the choices which is exactly why I did not choose it as my project. Electrolysis requires an enormous amount of electrical energy, and the reason why it requires such an enormous amount because this process is running a current through the water that is strong enough to separate the water into its makeup components of hydrogen and oxygen. Which could be "put back together" later to form pure water again. Though the process that I choose was reverse osmosis which is in my opinion, the best option. Reverse osmosis is the process of using the power of a vacuum to force water through a filter small enough to filter all of the unwanted matter of salt and other minerals that could potentially harm you. Of course there is the issue of disease and bacteria, but that can be solved very easily by a simple boiling of the water. This process is easily maintained as all it really includes is standard maintenance like cleaning the pipes or replacing the filter. If anything breaks it should be as simple as unscrewing a couple of nuts and bolts and replacing...
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