Depression Among College Students

Topics: Aerobic exercise, Psychology, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Depression effects 76 out of a 100 college students. Often times you won't see it right away or not at all. This is an age group that's tricky, states a psychologist at Davidson College in North Carolina, DeWitt Crosby said, They are adults by law, but they're still dealing with making decisions on their own. High school students shifting to college often encounter obstacles to settling in with new people, a new city and an overall new environment. This change can be very dramatic for some and can often lead to depression. :students are no longer interested in activities that use to make them happy. Difficulty concentrating in school: College comes with greater responsibility and therefore students are usually overloaded with academic work,. As a result, they feel overwhelmed and defeated. Depressed students have a hard time starting to study and struggle to concentrate once started. Reclusiveness: Many times, students will pull themselves away from their friends and social circles, instead spending time by themselves. Even students with friends to spend time with will cancel on plans or make up an excuse not to attend. Life changes: College students are often subjected to an unfamiliar environment with limited access to the people and places they've always known some students feel like they have freedom to do whatever they want in this type of situation, while others find it unsettling and become depressed. Increased responsibility: College students must deal with more responsibility than ever before. Dealing with academic demands, greater financial responsibility and control of their own time management are all very stressful experiences, especially all at once. This amount of stress often leads to depression. Alcohol abuse: Alcohol and drug use are a common part of social life on many college campuses. Young people often turn to these behaviors as a way to fit in or to feel relief from other pressures. Some students develop substance addictions,...
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