Democratic Leadership

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: May 10, 2012
The democratic leadership style is a very open and friendly way of leading a group, as ideas flow liberally amongst the group and are discussed openly. Everyone within the group is given a seat at the table, and discussion is free-flowing. This is often a highly effective form of leadership. People are more likely to excel in their positions and develop more skills when they feel empowered, and people are empowered when they are involved in the decision-making process. The democratic leadership style means facilitating the conversation, encouraging people to share their ideas, and then synthesizing all the available information into the best possible decision. The democratic leader must also be able to communicate that decision back to the group to bring unity the plan is chosen. Under democratic leadership, the people have a more participatory role in the decision making process. One person retains final say over all decisions but allows others to share insight and ideas; you will find that democratic practices often lead to a more productive and higher quality work group. Democratic style of leadership can apply to a variety of fields, such as political, management, nursing and so on. This style is needed in dynamic and rapidly changing environments where very little can be changed on the regular. In these fast moving organizations, every option for improvement has to be considered to keep the group from falling out of date. The leader may call for a vote among the group and the majority wins. On the other hand, the leader may make a decision based on the majority of views without conducting a vote.
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