Degradation of Women

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Final Reflection
As an enrolled Rutgers EOF, we are the obligated to take the SAS class. In SAS, I learned many things that helped me get me through my first semester. For example, I learned to manage my time with the Time Management Worksheet. The Time Management Worksheet is an outline of the week divided in an hourly basis and we have to fill out what we doo in each hour of the day. This taught me how to be more organized, so I could manage and find time to do other stuff. The concepts taught in class became conversations among my peers. Soon a lot of my friends began questioning the actuality behind their intended majors and also questioned whether their majors are the right paths they wanted to pursue.

Having just about wrapped up my first semester at college, I can honestly say these last few months have been a blur. I’ve made many new friends, had a taste of freedom, and have learned the consequences of procrastination. I’ve adapted to the college dorm food, stayed up to late far too many nights, and have spent countless hours doing homework.I gained a lot tools since the beginning of the semester and I am using them to my advantages. One of which is being organized. I know I’ve struggled with this a great deal. Yet regardless of my struggles, I’ve seen significant improvement in being able to effectively manage my time. Managing my time wasn’t always easy. There is always an abundance of distractions that kept me off track, but learning to use my time wisely paid off down the road. One of the secrets to effectively manage time is to focus in whatever I was doing. When I worked, I worked. When I played, I played. I didn’t waste a moment going back and fourth between activities, but instead I dove in and fully immerse myself into what ever it was I doing. Granted, this wasn’t always the easiest thing to do but it profoundly helped me in taking control of my everyday life. SAS did greatly changed my mind on academics because...
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