Topics: Water cycle, Water, Deforestation Pages: 3 (618 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Paula Garcia
AP Language & Composition P.2
Deforestation: A Disastrous Future Ahead
With the world coming to a high need of land for agricultural, industrial and most importantly urban needs to contain cities and their growing population, an action that we have to recognize as “Deforestation” occurs. Deforestation is the cutting down of a forest for human activities. Once the trees are removed, the land turns into a non-forest area, which is normally used for agriculture. Most of the time deforestation comes to meet the greater need for food and wood, resulting from the growing population. It has a negative impact on climate change in as far as rainfall is reduced and the amount of sunlight reflected from Earth’s surface changes. Deforestation causes numerous, including logging, industrialization, agriculture, oil exploitation, and human disasters. In order to deal with these problems, people around the world have turned to reforestation and afforestation. Deforestation is going to lead the world to have everything processed, like processed foods, which we already have but everything is going to be taken to an extreme due to lack of nature.

Now a days, if you ask someone about deforestation, they cannot speak about the topic off the top of their head, and that is because it is not given much significance. The entire deforestation subject is not known worldwide, when it should be because the damage is worldwide, the act of cutting down living creature homes is a worldwide damage that also leads to extinction. Deforestation is not showed to people therefore, they do not seem to care about it, and so no action is done to stop it, or avoid it. If more people knew the damage that deforestation was causing then, someone would stand up for it and with time, big organizations will be working on stopping it, or finding efficient ways to deal with it instead of cutting down trees. The cutting of a tree not only affects the species living in...
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