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Definition Essay On Fear
Fear is a normal emotional response to a real or imagined threat or danger. Fear helps us protect ourselves from danger, but it must be dealt with in a healthy way. Children cope with fear in different ways, and they may not have the words to express how they are feeling.
How do I know if my child has a problem coping with fear?
Children show fear in a variety of ways. Fears are likely to be different as children age. New fears may develop, and old fears may go away with time. When children are fearful, they may:
Avoid certain activities, or refuse to do something.
Lose interest in their normal activities.
Have problems going to bed.
Refuse to eat certain foods.
Cry more often than usual or at unusual times.
Get angry at unpredictable
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Instead of denying your child's fear or the source of fear:
Answer questions honestly.
Explain things your child does not understand.
Make statements that help ease fears (reassurance).
Read books about children who have dealt with similar fears. This may help your child understand.
General instructions
Be aware of your child’s exposure to the media, including television, movies, books, and the news. Some things in the media can scare children. However, you should not forbid your child from media or get overprotective.
Observe your child. If you think they are acting fearful, gently point out what you are noticing, and listen carefully to your child's response.
Be predictable and reliable. This helps you build and keep your child's trust.
Coach your child to gradually approach the object of their fear while you stay close to them. Help them stay calm by holding their hand or helping them take deep breaths.
Be mindful of your own behavior. Set a good example by dealing with your own fears in healthy ways.
Encourage your child to keep doing normal daily activities.
Recognize times when your child copes with fear effectively, and praise this behavior.
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