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Direct marketing, marketing take place without intermediaries between manufacturing and buyer such as Affiliate marketing, an arrangement whereby a marketing patner refers consumer to the selling company website such as amazon .com Transaction fees modal, charge a service fee based on the volume and value of transaction offered for example, what you pay when you buy or sell a house would be transaction .com Subscription fees model, customer pay a fixed amount, usually monthly to get a type of service. For example, a customer acess fee to America online Advertising fees modal, companies charge other to place a banner on their sites. For example Electronic retailing, retailing conducted online, over the internet such as

2. Describe the following type of electronic commerce by the natural of the transcation b2b, b2c, c2c and mobile commerce. business to business is a e-commerce model which all of the participants are business such as business to consumer is a e-commerce model in which business sell to individuals shopper such as consumer to consumer is consumer sell directly to other consurmer such as therefore mobile commerce is transcation and activities conducted in a wireless environment such as

3define the term web storefront and describe four common feature that are used in a web strore front for conducting sales. The electronic catalog. Where a company can present their product information in on electronic form. This ways, al customer from around the world can easily download the catalogue for price comparison and promotion which might get them to purchase product. Secondaly, is seach engine. It is a computer program that can use the seach engine to look for particular product that they desire from different websites or electronic catalogue. Thirly, is electronic shopping cart. It is a order processing technology that allow customer accumulate item,...
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